ALCHEMY is a contract research Company committed to providing comprehensive chemistry services to pharmaceutical, biotech and agrochemical Companies as well as private and academic research institutes.

Our mission is to assist our Clients in their product development programs. We can conduct multi step synthetic procedures from milligram to kilogram scale.

Our goal is to maintain long-lasting relationships with our Clients by providing efficient chemistry services and cost-effective solutions that meet our Clients' needs.

We are specialised in:
  • Synthesis of complex scaffolds and intermediates
  • Feasibility analysis and synthesis of NCE
  • Metabolite synthesis
  • Impurity isolation & synthesis
  • Synthesis of reference standard
  • Scale up studies
  • Process scouting
  • Analytical methods development
We offer you:
  • Prompt and competitive quotation
  • Certified quality
  • Fast delivery
  • Dynamic and creative collaborations